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Hunger Action Month…for cheap-wads

1 in 8. That’s the number of Americans who will struggle with hunger today. That’s right, America. Surprising, isn’t it? Right here at home, people are hungry; people have to choose whether to pay their utility bills or buy food. Locally, 34% of the members of households served by the Akron-Canton Foodbank’s network of member agencies are children under 18 years old…and I find that completely disturbing.

September is Hunger Action Month, and what I love about Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity and founder of HAM (irony…), is that this isn’t a national campaign to tell you a sob story and drain your wallet. Feeding America asks us to get of our sustenance-filled As and give $1 (which provides THREE meals according to Feeding America or $7 of groceries through the CAK Foodbank, by the way) or do something to help.

Here’s my favorite tangible way, which I found on the Akron-Canton Foodbank’s Web site. If you’re cheap (eh ehm…), have little extra income to give or have an abundance of tomatoes, beans and corn on the cob from your garden (which I do!), the Plant a Row for the Hungry program is for you. You can donate your extra produce until the end of the month at one of several drop-off locations. If you’re not from the area, I’d be willing to guess there’s a program like this at your local foodbank…call them!

I challenge you to come up with a good excuse for not donating your extra produce that doesn’t include some form of extreme laziness (but there’s a new episode of Holidate on!). In fact, call me, you lazy A-hole, and I’ll come pick it up and take it myself…and I won’t even tell anyone you’re lazy.  ::fingers crossed behind back::

From the Akron-Canton Foodbank Web site:

Fall is harvest time for farms and gardens in northeast Ohio. Help the Foodbank provide fresh produce to the hungry in your community. Donate your surplus produce row to the Foodbank. The Foodbank is dedicated to providing nutritious food to those in need, and distributed over 2.5 million pounds of fresh produce in 2008.

The Plant a Row for the Hungry program is rooted in the heartfelt tradition of gardeners sharing a bountiful harvest with others. This program of the Garden Writers Association has provided over 14 million pounds of fresh produce to hunger-relief programs across the country since 1995. Locally, look for articles about this program in the Akron Beacon Journal home section on Saturdays, written by Mary Beth Breckenridge.

Donate your produce at any of these locations through September 30.

Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank
350 Opportunity Parkway, Akron
Drop-off times: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Call 330-535-6900 to schedule a drop-off appointment

Canton Road Garden Center
1881 Canton Road, Springfield Township
Drop-off times: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Crown Point Ecology Center
3220 Ira Road, Bath Township
Drop-off times:
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon

Stow Administrative Offices
3760 Darrow Road, Stow
Drop-off anytime

Stow Community Garden
5070 Stow Road, Stow
Drop-off times:
7 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week

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Someone’s going to college…

Get this sickness:  There’s a girl in India who will find out shortly that her dream to attend nursing school and move back to the rural villages of India to care for the poor is coming true. She’s every social justice junkie’s poster child…

I took a phone call today from a woman who has sponsored one of our IGL children for nearly 8 years. In a recent letter she found out that her child has passed the entrance exam for nursing school, but would not enroll because she couldn’t afford the tuition ($50 a month). This sponsor called our office today…she asked us to email the India offices and tell them that this girl and the other three children she sponsors should be told that their higher education is paid for. Just like that.


My job’s cooler than your job.


IMG_0116_2 - Copy

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We run and eat protein…

but my face is still huge…
.Cascade Valley Run



Cascade Valley trail looks like someone took their mower to undisturbed forest. In other words, it’s the sickness. Minus a hill that almost took us out wheezing and falling (thus our cherry faces), it was a sweet run! We spent all three miles of our travels looking for some cool Indian signal tree that was supposed to be there…to no avail. Then as we neared the car we saw this:




1. We passed it during our first 3 steps.

2. This is so un-inspiring to look at, I can’t believe they listed it as an attraction.

It’s a sweaty, red-faced, “That tree sucks…” sang…


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A palm map sang.

I just got back from a 2.5 mile run with Aynsley. First of all, this was our map:

Second of all, we both nearly got our elbows clipped by on-coming traffic on the mini-sidewalk of Graham Road. Note to self…
It feels great to be trotting around again. I really like running at a comfortable pace…as opposed to, you know, wanting to die after every run. If I’m going to stick with it, I might as well enjoy, right dudes?
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She swore at me in her head…

I went for a two-mile run with my friend Aynsley yesterday…it was gorg! She told me afterward she swore at me in her head for making her breathe too hard. This is why I love her.

Ayns is also my clean-eating friend, so for the two-mile walk back to the car we talked about recipes and quinoa (which is CRAZY…you should Google it. Are you a protein or rice? Or pasta? Crazy…) and how to make a natural dinner in 30 minutes or less. This is no easy feat, but I went to the library after our run with the betrothed and found some cookbooks to look through. And one bonus book:  “How to Sh!* Around the World” which should come in handy on my trip to India in September…and which is also HILARIOUS.

I’m looking forward to trotting with A again…and to trying quinoa…and to s-ing around the world. 

I’m a jogging hippie,


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Updated sangs

Hello few and far between.

I’d like to offer this pictorial to catch you up on recent happenings and offer an excuse for my social media absence. Without further ado…my peace offering:


I got engaged in June 2008.


img_0596 (Photo:  Brad Cvammen)

I started a new position as the public relations and marketing coordinator with India Gospel League (North America) in July.


img_2982     3       

img_3228     wedding_poor mom

I got married in November.


I’d say seven months is pretty good life change turn-around. I’m baaaaaack…sung hauntingly, of course.

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Here come some sangs, here come some sangs…

Here come some saaaaaangs, here come…you get the picture. I’m getting hitched.

A little more than a month ago my now-fiance’ asked me to marry him on my parents’ boat on Lake Erie. It was dreamy…and there was wine. Woot!

Here we are acting ridiculous in an effort to get rid of our fake smiles during our engagement photo session:

For all the dirt, go to: At the demand (er…request?) of my buddy @SarahWurrey, we’ll have to live stream on November 1,2008 so you can all “be there” with us. Until then, I’ll be trying my hardest to care about things like decorations and poofy dresses!

Love and sangs,


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Summer Sangs

Good timing from Jen Zingsheim at Media Bullseye on tagging me for the summer meme (started by Larissa Fair). I needed a happy distraction.

4 things you like about summer

  1. The absence of snow, ice and sludge.
  2. Reading the newspaper outside in the morning while sipping coffee…in shorts.
  3. Baseball games…despite the shoddy performance by my Tribe. Boo.
  4. Fishing on Lake Erie with my dad and fiance’ … walleye beware.

4 of your favorite vacation destinations

  1. Fripp Island, SC – Let’s hear it for the Sand Dollar Tavern!
  2. Undoubtedly some friend’s wedding location…
  3. Nashville.
  4. Wow…I need to go on more vacations…

4 of your favorite summer foods

  1. Handel’s Ice Cream. Might I suggest the Spouse Like a House?
  2. Burgers and corn on the grill…with Heather’s Butt Rub. 🙂
  3. Tom Collins. Does that count? “Tom is delightfully refreshing!” 😉
  4. Sadly, SlimFast – I’m getting married in the fall, ya know!

4 concerts not to miss

  1. Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick
  2. Brad Paisley – I’m a sucker for cheesy country and floral shirts…
  3. Tom Petty
  4. Jonny Lang, Matt Wertz or Dave Barnes – Yes, I realize listing three in one is cheating.

4 things to avoid during the summer

  1. Spending time dreading winter.
  2. Arguing…what a waste.
  3. Staying pent up…open the windows…take a walk!
  4. Large, sweaty crowds.

Tag…you’re it…

Abby Laner

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A PodCamp Ohio Sang

PodCamp OhioDespite the lengthy gap since my last post, I’ve been busy! Pertinent to today’s post, I’ve turned myself into a booking agent for the Kellys, a band from the Warren/Youngstown area, who has agreed to play at PodCamp Ohio this year. I think it’s best I stick to my day job.

I’m very excited for PCO. It’s the first PodCamp in our area, and I am pumped there are people in the area as geeky as I! I hope if you’re from Ohio (and even if you aren’t) that you’re planning on attending. We’ve got some great sessions lined up and I can guarantee a good time. Check out for the dirt, or listen to this PCO promo from Matt Fuller.

I can’t wait to hang with my only official Aussie mate, Paull Young, displaced OH pal, Denton…and even the pesky Luke Armour. I’m copying the PCO press release below.


Everyone from executives from the marketing, business, design and technology industries to house wives and students will gather at ITT Technical Institute in Hilliard June 27, 2008 for PodCamp Ohio. Anyone interested in learning about, experiencing or collaborating on topics such as podcasting, blogging, new media and social networking will learn from and interact with the experts at this day-long “unconference.”

“It’s all about learning, getting hands on with new media and spending time with folks that make up your online community,” said Angelo Mandato, coordinator of PodCamp Ohio. “By attending PodCamp Ohio, members of the blogging, podcasting, marketing, academic, and business communities will lead the charge toward embracing and effectively utilizing new and social media in our area,” he added.

PodCamp Ohio offers a unique opportunity for attendees to learn, share or grow their new media skills. They can attend informal sessions, created and driven by participants, about podcasts, blogs, digital music, web video and related aspects of new, Internet-based media. The format allows both beginner and expert media producers, as well as listeners, watchers and readers, to participate, discuss and network.

The event is presented by the ITT Technical Institute in Hilliard, OH. The event is open to the public, but registration is required. To sign up or learn more, visit Experience with podcasting or blogging are not requirements to participate; professionals of any industry, hobbyists and students are encouraged to attend.

Sponsors are still being accepted. If you are interested in sponsoring PodCamp Ohio, contact Angelo Mandato by calling (614) 429-4474 or sending an email to

# # #

First launched in Boston in September 2006, PodCamps have spread to various US and international cities, and have built a stronger community of podcasters, bloggers and other new media enthusiasts. Visit to learn more.

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Live at Kent State Social Media Bootcamp…YouToo.

Hi all. I’m blogging from Kent State University today where I’m attending the first annual Social Media Bootcamp, YouToo. I’ve run into Luke Armour and lots of old PRKent cronies. photo-0143.jpg

Right now I’m listening to Bill Sledzik and Rob Jewell discuss blogging strategies and WordPress set-up.


It’s incredible to see how much things have changed since my college career all those years ago…eh ehm. (I graduated in 2005.)

There are some great folks here and I’m looking forward to meeting them after the first round of sessions. Luke covers the Who’s Who here.

More to come from PRKent…


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