Posted by: somesangs | July 16, 2007

A Hen’s Night Out Sang.

My best friend Brooke is getting married in a few weeks. At her bachelorette party this past weekend in Cleveland, we were laughing about “the pact.” During our freshman year of college boyfriend turnover, as we like to call it, we all signed the following statement on a restaurant napkin:

“I do hereby solemnly swear to pay the last one of us to get married $200, PLUS still give them a wedding gift. This agreement is eternal and everlasting…I will take it to my grave.” We were dramatic…and clearly hadn’t taken an AP class.

Now we’re all growing up (some merely in height and width…eh ehm) and starting new lives with new people.

…This doesn’t mean we all still don’t act like complete morons when we get back together.

Disclaimer: It was “Major League” the movie giveaway night at the Indians game.
Disclaimer #2: No one was injured with my foam finger…but only because it was made of foam…


The horizontal one is the bride…


If you haven’t seen the movie “Major League,” please skip this photo!


I believe we have this exact photo from each of the past 7 years of our lives…


Who are these people? Whoever they are…they’re responsible for the
consumption of many, many $9 frozen drinks in “souvie cuuups!” **See below


We ran into an old college professor at the game…he just happened to teach our Environments of Wine class. 🙂

Byron!! TOWNER!!

. . . somesangs-128.jpg

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