Posted by: somesangs | July 26, 2007

Finally…a PR sang…

Kent State University has an incredible public relations program. I am proud and boastful. With each passing day as a newbie in the industry, I am more and more thrilled with the knowledge and experience I stockpiled those years ago. Ta’ hell with programs that don’t teach students to WRITE well…or that strategy isn’t just as important as collateral, or to pitch like telemarketers (Phil Gomes hits the nail on the head).

I admit, Prof. Bill Sledzik and his cronies lay it on thick…grammar, spelling and punctuation entrance exams, a capstone class that will give you ulcers (trust me, I know)…heck, I had to master InDesign! But, because of the hardball we graduates had to play in the program, we know all the words to “Who’s Laughing Now” … and some of us even edit our boss’ personal thank you notes…

Check it out. And send your kids…perhaps they’ll turn out as good looking as:


It’s an AP style sang.

“Clear, concise and accurate, dang it!”

…      somesangs-1281.jpg


  1. Thanks for the kinds words about the program, Kait. And congrats on the blog. Love the photo, though we gotta tell K to get a haircut!

    As the Kent PR group moves to new digs this week (in Franklin Hall, we hope to ratchet up the standards a bit and create even more stress in the future. You are living proof it works.

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