Posted by: somesangs | August 7, 2007

8 Sangs.

I’ve recently found myself in the 6 social media degrees of Paull Young, my new Twitter friend and crazy talented blogger. Give this blog a read if a) you are a young PR practitioner, b) you’re in the mood for a laugh (try the ‘humour’ tag), or c) you enjoy figuring out the meaning of Australian slang. Connie Reece (a new Twitter friend of mine, great communicator and official SOB) also recently posted this. Check out her adorable mother!

Here they are…in no particular order…8 Sangs.

1. I once managed to convince my college roommates that we needed a live, 16-foot Christmas tree in our third floor apartment.and that we needed to chop it down ourselves…and that we could, indeed, strap it to the roof of Katie’s 1989 Malibu.

I give you…my greatest. idea. ever.


2. Last year I moved to Nashville, TN for a couple months to be with my sister and enjoy my quarter-life crisis. Our good family friend, John, played bass for country star, Josh Gracin. Subsequently, my new friends were all of John’s friends…people I like to call “‘I work for famous people’ people.” When you make friends with this group, you have weekend-long birthday parties dubbed Kait-a-palooza that look like this:


3. I’m turning into my mother. Which is a lucky thing.


4. I’m not an avid fan of cats…but I think my cat, Vito (he’s Italian), is pretty cool…in part, because he lets me do obnoxious things to him, like take this picture:


5. My first trans-continental traveling happened last year on a trip to Thailand. Due to a typhoon in Tokyo at the time of my connection, all flights were canceled coming in and going out of the Tokyo airport…I know, right? I was re-routed to Frankfurt, Germany…the opposite direction around the globe. One of my favorite memories has been that first completely UN-American experience. After my 10-hour flight, I found my way downtown at 7 a.m. Frankfurt time, found the ONE pub that was open on a Sunday morning and had a warm beer and bratwurst with my CPA friend from New Jersey that I’d met on the flight. Random hilarity…I’m a fan.


6. I hate the anxiety that comes along with finding whomever you’re meeting at the airport. My sister once picked me up from the airport sans the traditional paper with my name. Instead she made an enormous cardboard cut-out of my head. I got even this year at our family camping trip:


7. Every odd-numbered year, I do something that seems impossible to remind myself how small I am, how many things I have yet to learn and how much I rely on family, friends and the Big Guy. This year I’m riding in the MS150 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It all started with this half-marathon run beside my best friend Brooke:


8. I’ve been singing with the same band from Toledo, OH since I was 16. Talk about good stories! This was one of my favorite shows in Michigan…


Thanks for the motivation, Paull…good fun!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…yesss…



  1. Fun to find your blog, via Jon Swanson.

    Happy Labor Day!

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