Posted by: somesangs | November 29, 2007

A Service Sang

This FedEx commercial cracks me up. I know what it’s like to work with someone resembling one of these characters, and I’m sure you do too. Here’s a shocker:  Perhaps our co-workers watch this and think of US! Doh!

Follow through, follow up, respecting someone’s time…all of these things make you desirable to work with. Do you make things easier for the people you serve or add small tasks to their to-do lists first so that you can help them when it’s easier for you?

A Lesson From Mrs. Cell Phone Customer Service:  How To Make Friends With Clients/Co-workers/Heck, Anyone…
Stated simply, I like good service. It makes sense that we continue to utilize and work with companies that provide adequate service, co-workers that are helpful and even keep friends that are easy to be with. The person serving doesn’t have to change my life, just give me what I need without making more work for me. Read:  the complete opposite of the effect these FedEx yahoos are having on their co-worker.

Think of a time you’ve gotten killer service. You know what I mean…you call your cell phone provider because when you push seven, your cell displays two; or you call your mom and the connection makes her sound like Donald Duck. Mrs. Cell Phone Customer Service apologizes for the inconvenience, assures you the problem will be taken care of that day and delivers on her word…no more work for you. That’s good service.

Mrs. CS didn’t have to ask me about my day, crack jokes or make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. All she had to do was NOT add more degrees of difficulty to my life.

Take notes. Make friends.

“If you don’t add to my life…I’m subtracting you.” – @AnnOhio
What is frustrating is when people add to your to do list. My Twitter friend @AnnOhio says “If you don’t add to my life, I’m subtracting you.” I use this policy with vendors at work, Tweeple on Twitter and, to some extent personally when forming new friendships.

Good advice for young professionals is this: Make people’s lives easier. While it’s good to ask questions, do what legwork you can on your own. Go into a work situation knowing more than you need to…it’ll save you from asking someone else to spend their time explaining. Not sure of every detail of an assignment after it’s given? Find what you can, chisel your list of questions down, then ask them. Do more than you’re asked when it’s helpful. They don’t call us the Google generation to be witty…please don’t get me started on the hundr, no, thousa, no TONS of resources we have online. Use them and serve well.

How can I help you?



  1. I love that commercial too. You continue to display wisdom well beyond your years–I will add one more thought to this. Your observation that follow through is good customer service has one more level: consistently delivered, it’s good PR. Why? Anyone at a company who connects with the public is in some small way delivering the company’s PR. It’s not just about hiring an agency or an internal group.

    Another great sang.

  2. One of my favorite commercials. Another great post! Totally agree, there’s tons of resources out there and a key to being successful in this highly competitive world/field is by being proactive or as you put it “make other’s lives easier.” Unfortunately, though, I can think of quite a few people I work with who don’t add value to my life, but I can’t simply subtract. But I’m pretty sure there’s a lesson in there regarding patience, at least I’m hoping…. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Jen…and I agree! People tend to give good or bad reviews of ENTIRE corporation based on the service that just one employee provides. PR really is in the hands of everyone…from the president of communications down to the janitor. Thanks for visiting!

    Jackie: Thanks! Good point on patience…and good on you for turning a negative you can’t control into a positive character-defining session! Good luck…and may I suggest wine Thursday? It works for me. 🙂

  4. Kait, Wine Thursday has a nice ring to it! I’m game.

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