Posted by: somesangs | December 27, 2007

A Sweet Peeps of 2007 Sang

It’s been a hectic year. I could easily slip into 2008 plowing ahead with my career, relationships and education. I’d rather take a minute to remind myself where I’ve come from and who has helped me get there. Without further ado, here are the 2007 Sweet Peeps Awards:

Best Decision Of the Year Award was given anytime I listened instead of talked.

Best New Relationship Award (n.) is hard to award (v.). Since there are so many layers of relationships, I’m picking what I feel to be the most unusual…Tweeple, of course! In some way, each of these people have taught me something or given me a hardy laugh…in most cases both! I won’t use this space to delve into the pros and cons of Twitter argument. I will say “Nice to meet you! You’ve been great to know in 2007!” to: Paull Young, AnnOhio, Connie Reece, Sarah Wurrey, Doug H., Jim, Michael Denton, Luke Armour, The Dude, Doug E., Critt Jarvis, Jackie V. and others.

Drinking Buddy of The Year goes to my roommate Laura Dahle, without whom I would have had no one to spend Wine Thursdays with drinking red vino and discussing current Indians stats.


Lifetime Service Award goes to @AnnOhio for rocking the giving. This lady sends more gifts to our troops, writes more cards, gives more advice and more surprises, and hugs more stuffing out of people than anyone I’ve ever (not actually) met. πŸ™‚ You definitely motivate the people around you to be selfless, Ann…thanks.

High Point of the Year was change. Personal and professional…there was much change in both arenas and all of it caused stretching and change…and it was fun.

Most Proud Moment Award– Affirmation on big decisions from people I respect. Rob Jewell is one of them…check out his blog, PR on the Run.

Kind Act Award goes to Connie Reece and gang for the birth of the Frozen Pea Fund. Read the whole story here.

Low point of the Year was … need I mention the happenings taking place in Boston this fall? Boo.

Holiday Award goes to Megan Bailey, my sister, for locating the PERFECT color green sheets. Really…I’m that excited about them.

Anthem for 2007 was “Faith and Compromise” by Matt Wertz.

Regret Award goes to no one…suckers.

p3253410.jpgBest Night Out Award goes to the Giftedson family trip to Nashville. I’ve never written so many haikus and re-named pseudo-family members with such vigor! Ladypants, Pounder, Doc Holiday…you know who you are.

Worst Night Out Award goes to standing outside Jacobs Field (“So close! So far!!”) and losing the clincher…Tribe, you’ve caused me much pain this year!

Best Relationship Award goes to the friends that have stuck: Erin, Faith and 3.


Worst Relationship Award is awarded to all Kentuckians. Disclaimer: This is the second year Kentuckians have won this prestigious award. Congratulations!

Best Concert Award goes to the Pre-K class at Hudson Community Chapel. More specifically to the kid who pushed the chin of the cute blonde girl away while screaming “Quit LOOKIN’ at me!!” directly following applause.

Best New Album Award – Jose Gonzalez, In Our Nature; Chris Thile, How to Grow a Woman from the Ground Up; Patty Griffin, Children Run Through and Matt Nathanson, Some Mad Hope. You didn’t think I could narrow this down to only one, did you?

Most Reliable Award goes to the Man.

Best Film Award goes to White Christmas. Watching this with Peg Swanson this year was a highlight.

Favorite quote of the year: “Yes, Courtney…our cab driver would rather have a haiku than payment.” -Uncle Ladypants

Rate 2007 on a scale of 1-10: 9


Plans for ’08: Running (jogging may be more accurate) the Nashville Half Marathon, moving ahead with a Master’s degree, learning the art of spoiling nephews, taking time to be quiet and listen and becoming more patient.

In the spirit of New Years, reflecting and a little fun, I’ll tag Paull Young, AnnOhio and The Dude! Feel free to take a pass…just be sure you have a good excuse such as holiday drinks or pressing Twitter convos. Or just leave your comments here…what were your best of’s for 2007?

Happy New Year, all!

It’s a retro sang…



  1. Oh…. Um….Thank You…..I.. um…I didn’t have a speech prepared and I’m sorry, but this has come at a total surprise to me. I’m honored to just be nominated. Twitter is just the beginning of this relationship. I promise you that. Can i get in on Wine Thursdays? I’m down for some baseball talk anytime especially when it involves booze.

    Might I say that the tribe rocked the state all year and the browns aren’t doing to bad either, so don’t be so hard on the pro athletes of the Cleveland area.

  2. I would like to thank all the little people that helped me along the way. Oh wait…I am the little people and what am I doing with all these “A” list people?

    Kait you are the sangs twitter is made of. πŸ˜‰


  3. Kait, it’s been so much fun getting to know you this year through Twitter and your blog. Thanks for including me in your Sweet Peeps wrap-up to the year. ….. Wait, what do you mean there’s no cash award for making the list??? Arrrrr!

  4. Denton: Wine Thursday anytime! It’s a classy experience, let me warn you. πŸ™‚ 2008 is the year of meet ups…look out.

    DougE: Quit calling my friends A-list, Doug! Based on the discussions we have, we (you included) form our own strange sort of list. πŸ˜‰

    Connie: My pleasure…and I could probably spare $5 if it means that much to you. πŸ˜‰

  5. Whoa. Looks like I’m giving myself the Overuse of Smileys Award.

  6. What a great group of people to find myself mentioned with. Being the overachiever that I am I did my homework and posted my 2007 sangs. It was great fun and helped me to look back at a year of lots of ups and downs, but mostly the ups.

    Huggin’ the stuffin’ out of you Miss Sangs..

  7. Kait,

    Sincere best wishes for a wonderful and successful 2008. I enjoy our friendship. And as a fellow runner, good luck with the half-marathon.


  8. Well, the Cleveland Indians opened spring training today. Can great spring weather here be far behind?


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