Posted by: somesangs | March 7, 2008

Live at Kent State Social Media Bootcamp…YouToo.

Hi all. I’m blogging from Kent State University today where I’m attending the first annual Social Media Bootcamp, YouToo. I’ve run into Luke Armour and lots of old PRKent cronies. photo-0143.jpg

Right now I’m listening to Bill Sledzik and Rob Jewell discuss blogging strategies and WordPress set-up.


It’s incredible to see how much things have changed since my college career all those years ago…eh ehm. (I graduated in 2005.)

There are some great folks here and I’m looking forward to meeting them after the first round of sessions. Luke covers the Who’s Who here.

More to come from PRKent…




  1. Kait,
    Pleasure to meet you. Sorry the storm cut short our par-tay time. We’ll meet up again someday. Nice to add another face to my met-them-online group. Rock on.

  2. Kait,

    It was great to see you yesterday. Just remember, less than a month until opening day.

    Hope you enjoyed the conference. I sure did.


  3. Great meeting you at the conference, and much obliged for the LinkedIn invite!

  4. We had a similar event called NewBCamp in Providence just a couple of weeks ago. It was a quite a success, and we hope to inspire more people to have them.

  5. Wow, Kait. I’m still not caught up after last week, which explains my late arrival here. Enjoyed having you back at Kent and, of course, at Ray’s. It’s nice that some folks don’t get discouraged by a couple of feet of snow.

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