Posted by: somesangs | April 10, 2008

A PodCamp Ohio Sang

PodCamp OhioDespite the lengthy gap since my last post, I’ve been busy! Pertinent to today’s post, I’ve turned myself into a booking agent for the Kellys, a band from the Warren/Youngstown area, who has agreed to play at PodCamp Ohio this year. I think it’s best I stick to my day job.

I’m very excited for PCO. It’s the first PodCamp in our area, and I am pumped there are people in the area as geeky as I! I hope if you’re from Ohio (and even if you aren’t) that you’re planning on attending. We’ve got some great sessions lined up and I can guarantee a good time. Check out for the dirt, or listen to this PCO promo from Matt Fuller.

I can’t wait to hang with my only official Aussie mate, Paull Young, displaced OH pal, Denton…and even the pesky Luke Armour. I’m copying the PCO press release below.


Everyone from executives from the marketing, business, design and technology industries to house wives and students will gather at ITT Technical Institute in Hilliard June 27, 2008 for PodCamp Ohio. Anyone interested in learning about, experiencing or collaborating on topics such as podcasting, blogging, new media and social networking will learn from and interact with the experts at this day-long “unconference.”

“It’s all about learning, getting hands on with new media and spending time with folks that make up your online community,” said Angelo Mandato, coordinator of PodCamp Ohio. “By attending PodCamp Ohio, members of the blogging, podcasting, marketing, academic, and business communities will lead the charge toward embracing and effectively utilizing new and social media in our area,” he added.

PodCamp Ohio offers a unique opportunity for attendees to learn, share or grow their new media skills. They can attend informal sessions, created and driven by participants, about podcasts, blogs, digital music, web video and related aspects of new, Internet-based media. The format allows both beginner and expert media producers, as well as listeners, watchers and readers, to participate, discuss and network.

The event is presented by the ITT Technical Institute in Hilliard, OH. The event is open to the public, but registration is required. To sign up or learn more, visit Experience with podcasting or blogging are not requirements to participate; professionals of any industry, hobbyists and students are encouraged to attend.

Sponsors are still being accepted. If you are interested in sponsoring PodCamp Ohio, contact Angelo Mandato by calling (614) 429-4474 or sending an email to

# # #

First launched in Boston in September 2006, PodCamps have spread to various US and international cities, and have built a stronger community of podcasters, bloggers and other new media enthusiasts. Visit to learn more.



  1. Well, I guess I’m OK with you leaving town in June. As long as you take care of the Indians by then. You’re in charge.


  2. I CANT FREAKING WAIT!!! This is going to be an amazing time.

    Cliff Ravenscraft
    Luke Armour
    Robin Maiden
    Paull Young

    Nice speaking schedule already. Are you Speaking?

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