Posted by: somesangs | July 11, 2008

Here come some sangs, here come some sangs…

Here come some saaaaaangs, here come…you get the picture. I’m getting hitched.

A little more than a month ago my now-fiance’ asked me to marry him on my parents’ boat on Lake Erie. It was dreamy…and there was wine. Woot!

Here we are acting ridiculous in an effort to get rid of our fake smiles during our engagement photo session:

For all the dirt, go to: At the demand (er…request?) of my buddy @SarahWurrey, we’ll have to live stream on November 1,2008 so you can all “be there” with us. Until then, I’ll be trying my hardest to care about things like decorations and poofy dresses!

Love and sangs,




  1. I just found your blog! I love it! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  2. Hi Kait –

    I’m FINALLY getting caught up on my blog reads. ;o)Congratulations on your engagement!


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