Posted by: somesangs | July 8, 2009

She swore at me in her head…

I went for a two-mile run with my friend Aynsley yesterday…it was gorg! She told me afterward she swore at me in her head for making her breathe too hard. This is why I love her.

Ayns is also my clean-eating friend, so for the two-mile walk back to the car we talked about recipes and quinoa (which is CRAZY…you should Google it. Are you a protein or rice? Or pasta? Crazy…) and how to make a natural dinner in 30 minutes or less. This is no easy feat, but I went to the library after our run with the betrothed and found some cookbooks to look through. And one bonus book:  “How to Sh!* Around the World” which should come in handy on my trip to India in September…and which is also HILARIOUS.

I’m looking forward to trotting with A again…and to trying quinoa…and to s-ing around the world. 

I’m a jogging hippie,




  1. I’m probably going to curse again at you tomorrow morning!

  2. I’m digging the new look, k8lyn! 🙂

    see you tonight for wine wednesday. pumped.

    lu lu bell– i’m going old school!

  3. love the new site layout!

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