Posted by: somesangs | July 14, 2009

We run and eat protein…

but my face is still huge…
.Cascade Valley Run



Cascade Valley trail looks like someone took their mower to undisturbed forest. In other words, it’s the sickness. Minus a hill that almost took us out wheezing and falling (thus our cherry faces), it was a sweet run! We spent all three miles of our travels looking for some cool Indian signal tree that was supposed to be there…to no avail. Then as we neared the car we saw this:




1. We passed it during our first 3 steps.

2. This is so un-inspiring to look at, I can’t believe they listed it as an attraction.

It’s a sweaty, red-faced, “That tree sucks…” sang…




  1. Run was great today! PS: Tosca Reno has another cookbook coming out soon!

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